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27, Lev
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Višina>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
JezikiAngleščina, Španščina
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A man who speaks his mind turns her on. When he can unapologetically tell her when he is aroused, tell her his fantasies, be honest and raw about his hunger for her.


A woman loves being respected. She will let her man go a long way with her if he respects her. Don't insult her like a foolish girl then expect her to let you touch her like a woman.

"A man who is after her as a person"
It is a turn off if all the man is after is having sex with her. She is a person with a mind, spirit, heart, dreams; she wants the man to be interested in her as a person, not a sex object.

"An intelligent mind"

A man who talks deep stuff turns a woman on, she loves it when he has a good head over his shoulders. Wow her with your mind and she will find you sexy.

"Intimate conversations"

Women love being aroused progressively. An engaging intimate conversation opens up the door to her sexuality. She loves being slowly unwrapped with sweet affectionate words. She uses those words to confirm to her if the man's motive is right.

"The right touch"

Women are touchy, they respond to touch. When a man knows where to touch and how to touch, she will get hot.

"Powerful eyes"

Women study the man's eye contact, it tells her how hungry he is for her. Sometimes fire in his eyes is enough to get her in the mood.

"Gentle roughness"

She loves masculinity, just the right amount of roughness. He doesn't hurt her, he takes care of each part of her body but he also has passion and a wild spark.


She loves it when he is creative. He plans different scripts, scenes, and setups when advancing on her. He isn't boring doing the same thing over and over. She loves adventure.

"A giver"

When the man is eager to please her, not only thinking of himself, she loves it. She loves it when he is keen on her needs not just his. He pays attention to her body and wants to satisfy her.

"A man who treats her heart right"

A woman's sexuality is tied to her heart. If her man keeps treating her wrong and her heart is hurting because of him, she can't get turned on.
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Classy, young lady of unquestionable beauty. open-minded
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#1 desire
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